Men’s Beard and Hair Designer Modelling Comb

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🧒 Quick styling hair and beard: Combined with the comb heating plate and comb teeth, can quickly make your hair straight, curly and smooth, according to your needs, to create a perfect hairstyle for you.

🔥 Quick heating: Preheat within 15 seconds. Straighten curly hair in 3 minutes. Long-lasting, amazing effect maintained throughout the day.

🛡️ Safe and hair damage-free: There is a protective cover on the top of the comb heating plate, which evenly heats the hair to prevent excessive burns, so you can use this hair styling comb without any concern. PTC instant heater heats up in 15 seconds, uniform heating can avoid any “hot spots” over burning hair

🧳 Portable and easy to use: Lightweight and portable, great for travel. Very suitable for the need to go out and urgently need to transform the hair. Give you the most charming look anytime, anywhere.




Main Features:

  • ABS environment-friendly plastic and metal heating sheet
  • Can quickly finalize the hairstyle you want to create the perfect style
  • Multiple purposes, suitable for all kinds of hair and beard
  • Easy to use.


  • Volumize hair, flatten side hair & straighten curly hair
  • It is now fashionable! It can enrich hair, smooth out hair and straighten curls.
  • No hair damage: Even heat avoids any “”hot spot”” to overburn your hair
  • Safe to use: The comb acts as a protective coveragainst the heating plate to prevent hair from overburning
  • Easy to use: Just comb to fix your messy hair
  • Quick heating: Preheat within 15 seconds
  • Reduce frizzing & detangling
  • Long-lasting: Amazing effect maintained throughout the day
  • Lightweight & ergonomic handle: Comfortable to grip without feeling tired easily


Massage Comb Function:

  • Massage head more comprehensively.
  • Promote the blood circulation of the scalp.
  • Restore the vitality of the cortex.
  • Make your hair grow healthy.
  • Glow with Natural Luster.


  1. Comb: Easy to use with detachable format
  2. Ceramic coating hotplate: A lot of far-infrared radiation from ceramic hotplate
  3. ON/OFF Lamp: Easy to notice with the light form being powered on.
  4. Power Switch: Specification, appearance and size of the product can be charged without notice for its improvement
  • Multifunctional Hair Styling Brush -Volumize hair, flatten side hair & straighten curly hair. Combines heating barrels and comb teeth for hair smoothing, meets your needs for different hairstyles.
  • Professional and Health -This hair Straightening/Curler comb can promote blood circulation when used. Vibrating function promotes blood circulation which makes hair healthier and stronger.
  • Safe To Use -PTC instant heater heats up in 15 seconds, uniform even heating heat can avoid any “hot spots” over burning hair. Ceramic coating negative ion barrels and comb teeth protect your hair No hair damage.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH DIFFERENT HAIR TYPES. This beard straightener can be used for men with different types of beard. Curly, thin, thick, flat, straight, long, or short, the electric bear comb works just fine for your needs.
  • SIMPLE AND SAFE OPERATIONS. It has a removable out layer comb which shields the skin against the heating plate to prevent burns and scalding.


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