Aluminium Metal Multi-functional Bracket Laptop Expansion Phone Holder

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👨‍💻 Double Screen Interactive: Now work efficiently with our Multifunction Aluminium Phone holder. No need to look down every time for notifications on Phone. Designed ergonomically to reduce Cervical Spin Fatigue. Overall, your work efficiency will be improved.

👨‍🔧 Installation: Easy to install and Use. Innovative technology – Automatic Adsorption keeps the device stable and not loose. Comes with two gift magnets for sticking to the back of your phone.

🧜‍♂️ Multi-Adjustment: The Multifunction Bracket is flexible and can adjust in different angles accordingly to your needs.

🧳 Small and Portable: It is small and portable with computed. It is made up of strong Aluminium Metal which makes it durable and suitable for long term usage.

🤹🏻 Multifunction: It doesn’t obstruct the screen. You can use it for Study, Work, Movies, Playing Games and Broadcast simultaneously.

⚡️ Charging Support: The reserved charging port support charging while using.

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Product Description

It’s inconvenient to hold your mobile phone at work. Switching between two screens leads to inefficient work. Also, looking down at your mobile phone is not good for the cervical spine. Use our extension stand during work is convenient and efficient. Dual screen interactive work is more comfortable and efficient. With more comfortable viewing angle, there is no need to look down any more.

Why You Choose?

  • The smart phone holder is made of high-quality upgraded aluminum alloy material, suitable for notebook and desktop computer monitor can enjoy dual screens at the same time

  • Simple and easy to carry: Lightweight design, exquisite appearance, very suitable for
    carrying, you can carry it at any time during travel and work

  • Easy to use: The mobile phone holder adopts a magnetic design, so you only need to
    attach the clip to the computer or monitor during use.


Item Type: Mobile Phone Expansion Stand

Material: Aluminium Alloy

Color: Silver Grey

Package Contents:

1 x Mobile Phone Expansion Stand

2 x Magnetic Pads


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